Designco Quotation Worksheet Data


Customer Contact Information

Company Name 
Contact Name 
Voice Number  Ext. 
Fax Number 
Email Address 


Customer Job Name Information

Job Name 
Job Location 
Zip Code 
Sq. Feet of Job 

  Special Shipping Instructions or Comments:


Customer Job Information Requirements

Understructure Material 

  Steel (AISC/ASD)   Aluminum (AAA)

Floor Height From Grade 

  Floor Height (hx) In Feet = Feet

Roof Height 

  Roof Height (hr) In Feet = Feet

Primary Area  

  Finished Floor Height - Primary Area Inches
  Number of Square Feet - Primary Area Sq. Feet

Secondary Area  

  Finished Floor Height - Secondary Area Inches
  Number of Square Feet - Secondary Area Sq. Feet

Additional Area  

  Finished Floor Height - Additional Area Inches
  Number of Square Feet - Additional Area Sq. Feet


Customer Job Seismic Data

Refer to 1997 Uniform Building Code Vol. 2 For Clarification As Required

UBC Table #

UBC Description

Job Site Requirement

Table 16-A

Uniform and Concentrated Loads

Select Uniform Live Load in PSF
Office50 lb   Computer Room100 lb
Clean Room150 lb  250 lb  375 lb
Other: lb

Table 16-I

Seismic Zone (Factor Z)
US Zone Map gif or pdf

Select Seismic Zone #
1   2A   2B   3   4

Table 16-J

Soil Profile Types
Note! Change Soil Profile Type As Required!

Note! Default Soil Profile Type Set To SD

Table 16-K

Occupancy Category
2. Hazardous Facilities

SeismicImportanceFactor I  1.0  1.25
SeismicImportanceFactor Ip 1.0  1.50

Table 16-O
Element 2G

Horizontal Force Factors
Access Floor Systems

Note! 2G Access Floor Systems Default
ap Value      Rp Value

Table 16-S
Zone 4 Only

Near-Source Factor Na

Closest Distance to Known Seismic Source
<=2 km   5 km   => 10 km

Table 16-U
Zone 4 Only

Seismic Source Type

Select Seismic Source Type
A   B   C

Refer to 1997 Uniform Building Code Vol. 2 For Clarification As Required


Dead Load in PSF

Note! Default Dead Load Set To 10 lb
10 lb   Other: lb


Factor of Safety

Note! Factor of Safety Set To Std UBC
Standard UBC   Other:


Concrete Strength in PSI

Select Concrete Strength in PSI
3000   4000   Other:


Concrete Weight Type

Select Concrete Weight Type
Normal Weight   Light Weight


Concrete Slab Rebar Depth From Concrete Surface

Rebar Depth From Floor Surface

  Additional Notes or Comments: